Hole Punch

I observed this cloud phenomena, called a hole punch, over South Surrey this morning as I was walking Basty.  Apparently they occur when supercooled moisture is triggered to crystallize and fall.  The crystallization is thought to be triggered by passing aircraft.

2016-06-20-1 2016-06-20-2

CB Affair

Not much of an affair, just a pleasant walk at CB (but the title was catchy, so I used it).  Saw this very cool weathered log.  Basty is not up to jumping or climbing these days, so I placed him on one end and snapped a couple.



Odd Fungus

Not sure what to make of it; I don’t believe I have ever seen mushrooms quite like this.  They are growing en mass in the two new Daffodil gardens at Elgin Trail.  The soil is fresh compost laid down last Fall; wherever the city got the soil from, it came with spores at no extra charge..!!


Thom & Marcus

A couple of regulars on Elgin Trail.  Marcus is a young Bouvier, a cattle herding breed from France.  A giant compared to Basty.

It was a beautiful Spring morning; sun streaming down; Daffodil flowers peeking through; birds in full voice.  It is the time of year that reminds people why they live in the Fraser Valley.

Thom, Basty, Marcus

May I be the kind of person Basty thinks I am.