… and back with the Old..!!

Sadly, I ran into a problem with the Subaru Outback CVT transmission.  I took it in for service… below is the service statement..:

This new vehicle has problems with ‘transmission engagement delay’. 

Changing from Park to Drive, user experiences a delay before the transmission engages.

Changing from Drive to Reverse or from Reverse to Drive, user experiences a delay before the transmission engages.

While in Drive, there is delay when user presses the gas pedal to accelerate (delay is not as bad as the first two, but still detectable). 

Note that item 2. came very close to causing a collision as I had backed out of parking and another vehicle was waiting to get in.  When I moved from Reverse to Drive, the vehicle rolled back towards the waiting vehicle (there was a slope the caused the roll due to delayed engagement).

After some back and forth, and a couple of visits with the Wolfe Subaru dealer in Langley, they fessed up that up to a 3 second delay is normal for Subaru CVT.  I indicated my displeasure, and voiced my opinion that this is a fundamental design flaw.  They tried to convince me that this is characteristic of all CVT’s.  I rebutted by advising that I drove a CVT (Camry Hybrid) for the past 9 years and it did not have this issue.

As there was nothing they could do, I requested a full refund.  Long story short, they complied by returning my Camry (which hadn’t been sold yet) and providing a full refund (less $1299.70 for service they performed to the Camry).  I left still a little ticked because they lost the second FOB for the vehicle… FOB replacement cost is $350).

Sad to say, my first Subaru… and my last Subaru…

So, back into my old Camry…

2016-08-11-1 2016-08-11-2

Hole Punch

I observed this cloud phenomena, called a hole punch, over South Surrey this morning as I was walking Basty.  Apparently they occur when supercooled moisture is triggered to crystallize and fall.  The crystallization is thought to be triggered by passing aircraft.

2016-06-20-1 2016-06-20-2

CB Affair

Not much of an affair, just a pleasant walk at CB (but the title was catchy, so I used it).  Saw this very cool weathered log.  Basty is not up to jumping or climbing these days, so I placed him on one end and snapped a couple.



May I be the kind of person Basty thinks I am.